Zaara Hot Stone Massage

Indulge in a healing art that seamlessly blends the ancient Ayurvedic palm based massage with the use of heated basalt stones to relieve tension and soothe tired, painful joints. Special emphasis on key marma points of your body will bring about complete balance and harmony.To improve the flow of energy, the therapist will also place hot stones in the hands and on the soles for a relaxing sensation.

Luxurious AromaTherapy Massage

Massage strokes ranging from frictional to relaxing are blended seamlessly to allow the body's internal system to benfit from the properties of the blended oil.The oil enriches the skin and produces a warming effect to improve blood circulation and relieve tired muscles.This massage refreshens and renews the body.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage

The intriguing massage includes herbal oil, reiki, full body massage ( including face and neck) and a chakra balancing ritual. Yes, the tibetain bowl does sing, but more importantly it will make you do the same as you leave with a sense contentment and relaxation.

Stress Relieving Massage

Drawing on the best of Eastern and Western techniques, this oil massage combines soothing strokes and some stretching to loosen muscular tension, encourage lymphatic flow to balance the internal system and coax your body to respond positively to the caring language to touch.

Zaara Holistic Scalp Neck and Back Therapy

Our signature massage uses palms and fingertips to apply pressure with continuous strokes that flow rhymically to stimulate blood circulation, iron out the knots and induce a state of total relaxation.The blended oil used for this massage promotes concetration and rejuvenates the spirit.

Royal Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage work on the theory of intrinsic energy flow energy balance to promote better health and healing process.This massage conentrates on the careful application of pressure to distribute energy,release blockages and stretch the muscles, leaving the body relaxed, energetic and free from stiffness.

Shirodhara(Third Eye Therapy)

A sensual ritual of running warmed medicated oil poured on the forehead, often induces a mental state similar to trance.It is relaxing and therapeutic part of traditional ayurvedic practice. Helpful in hypertension insomnia, stress, premature greying of hiar & hair fall.Special Shirodhara designed to suite your state of health done with.

Chakra Four Hand Massage

This treatment rejuvenates the whole body and mind using a nutrient rich herbal oil, anointed by two therapists.The harmonious movement of massage helps relieve muscle and joint aches, nervousness,sleeping disorders and regulates the circulatory system of the body.This holistic treatment balance all the three levels of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Podykizhi( Herbal Pottli Massage)

This therapeuticmassage begins with the application of oil followed by dry fomentation using small linen bags filled with herbal powders. This massage helps to relieve pain stiffness and swelling of joints.

Udwarthanam (Powder Rub Therapy)

This dry massage with a deep manipulation of the muscles that assists in releasing skin tissue toxins and improving mobility of the joints.This is followed by a scrub with Ayurvedic herbs which removes dead cells from the skin leaving it glowing.

Navara Kizhi

In this rejuvenating treatment medicated Navara rice filled in linen pouches is applied in rhythmic movements on the body to induce total relaxation. This massage therapy nourishes,revitalises and strengthens the body to endure the stresses and strains of busy life.

Indian Deep Tissue Therapy

A healing massage using specialised pressure point on the energy gateway: the palms and soles of the body.A massage with warm herbal oil on the upper and lower limbs with concentration on the reflex points promotes a feeling of complete physical and mental well being.

Pizinchil (Body Oil Bath)

Special Kerala procedure described as sarvangadhra in classic where the whole body is poured on with specific medicated oil along with simultaneous massage.

Katte Vasthy

This specialised treatment relieves lower back stress caused by poor posture.Warm herbal oil is appiled and then retained on the lower back by a traditional technique using black gram dough.This is fllowed by aback massage that eases accumulated stress and strengthens the muscles.

Jet Lag Massage

This massage starts with hot compresse & specially concentrate on shoulders back & calf muscles which relieves fatigue associated with traveling.


Treatment which is proved to be highly effective in relieving sinus condition where specially medicated oil drops are instilled in the nosstrils followed by gentle massage & steam inhalation, highly effective for head aches.

Indian Foot Reflexology

Anicient technique followed to remove the stress situated in the deep tissues of the body.The tratment being performed on the sole of the foot to exert a relaxing experience.Entire body is benefitted by activating the pressure point on the feet.

Royal Ayurvedic Massage

A traditional Indian massage using a combination of soothing and symmetrical long strokes to regulate the circulatory and the nervous systems in the body.The sesame based herbal oil used in the massage heightens concentration and leaves one feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ananda Touch

After a long and tiresome journey of a hectic day relieve muscular aches and pains and assist your body's natural healing with this signature journey. The journey starts with a full body papaya scrub followed by a classical Swedish massage, head & shoulder massage.


Draw out the inner radiance of body.You begin with a deeply nourishing scrub and wrap of you choice.Followed by invigorating your senses with an indulgent Armatherapy massage. Then give your skin a natural glow with a nourishing facial.As a final touch give in Spa Manicure and Pedicure, couple with a cup of green tea or juice.