Zaara Spa Specialities:

Aroma Bright Body Whitening Treatment:-

This whitening body treatment uses natural ingredients to lighten the colour of the skin. It also aids in lightening the tanned bodies. This three part treatment includes exfoliation for the dead cell removal with natural body scrub, a massage using natural massage oil and finally, the body whitening sandalwood mask is finally applied to complete the treatment.

Hydraroma Body Nourish Treatment:-

This natural hydrating treatment uses natural ingredients to hydrate the skin. It involves body polishing using a natural fruit body scrub, massage with a body butter and finally hydrating the skin using the hydrating body mask.

Cellulose Body contouring treatment:-

Perfect for stomach thighs and other areas of excess cellulite. Synchronizing massage using extracts of lemon and other cellulite breaking herbs and essential oils that will tone up and strengthen the tissues thereby tightening the lax skin. Essential oil used in this treatment stimulates collagen and elastin to give a firming effect on the delicate areas of the skin.

Ananda Touch:-

A blissful therapy that helps to relax the body muscles and calm the mind thus relieving the body aches and pain thereby assisting the body’s natural healing with this signature journey that includes:


This is a unique & Royal therapy from Zaara which not only helps to de-stress the body but also draw out the inner radiance of the body .We use all special products herbs & ingredients like kesar milk essential oils orange extracts which helps to improve the body complexion, removes the dead skin making it soft smooth and glowing.